Our Approach

“We want to make a positive impact on maths at every level!”

We were one of the first independent consultancies to show our belief in the Singapore Maths pedagogy. The core essentials of the Singapore Maths approach, in particular, the focus on visualisation, mastery and problem solving is something we passionately believe should be happening in every single maths classroom in the world! We aim for every single one of our training sessions, whether it’s one of our large seminars with 50-120 delegates or in a small village school with 10 teachers, to outline & demonstrate outstanding pedagogy. What does that actually mean?

  • Our trainers and consultants will be qualified and experienced in their fields.
  • We get the balance of theory and practical elements of training right & therefore teachers get to feel like they are in the lessons as well as understand and reflect on the theory behind each decision.
  • Our training sessions are hands-on, practical and give you opportunities to visualise Math and see the maths evolve.
  • We want to be more than a provider that makes you feel good at the end of training, we want you to give you effective CPD and this means to have practical ideas which are tried and tested, with the theories supporting them so that you feel assured this is the right move.
  • We help you to be more consistent as a school and improve your staff’s subject knowledge and their pedagogy.
  • We support your school in meeting your vision to become outstanding in Maths


“Wow, the training was brilliant! In all my 20 years teaching, I’ve never had training like this!”

We have delivered in-house training as well as seminars for our many schools and clients, including Maths No Problem – Europe’s largest and leading Singapore Maths company, School Development Support Agency (SDSA)NCETM Maths HubsCarillion – Essex’s largest Education training providers, Hampshire CouncilThe Education Commission as well as many other schools and organisations.  In each case, we make sure we get the little details right by going through your needs before the training day and making sure we tailor the training so that you get exactly what you envisaged and more! We are committed to making sure each step of your journey with us is smooth and by the end of the training, your staff are enthusiastic and optimistic about teaching maths.

 “The children LOVE maths! They are not worried if they find something hard – they see it as a challenge.”

Research suggests that in order for schools to improve in maths, they have to invest in quality maths CPD. We know this, and most head teachers also know this. What’s important for us, however, is that our clients tell us about how we are having an impact on them so it’s always pleasing to receive notes like the one above which describes the impact that continuous professional development in maths and wider consultancy, has had on a large group of teachers whom we have been entrusted, by the council, to develop into future leaders in Maths. For us, this optimises what schools, organisations and anyone that decides to use our services say about our services.