If you are looking for Independent Singapore Maths Training in the UK then you’ve come to the right place. We were one of the first independent consultancies to show our belief in the Singapore Maths pedagogy. The core essentials of the Singapore Maths approach, in particular, the focus on visualisation, mastery and problem solving is something we passionately believe should be happening in every single maths classroom in the world! We aim for every single one of our training sessions, whether it’s one of our large seminars with 50-120 delegates or in a small village school with 10 teachers, to outline & demonstrate outstanding pedagogy.

As a consultancy, we have worked with the leading schools, organisations and companies. We have worked with, and continue to do so, NCETM’s North and East London Maths Hub to deliver visual maths training sessions along with other key topics in Maths using the Singapore Maths approach. NCETM is one of the leading organisations which promote excellence in the teaching of Maths and therefore we are really pleased that they have seen our work and the way we deliver our training and they continue to call us back to deliver more quality maths CPD training.

Along with our work with NCETM we were carefully selected by a BBC commissioned production team which required us to support them in the use of the Singapore Bar Model approach to solving problems. We were privileged to support such an Internationally well-known organisation in getting the Bar Model approach right and of supporting thousands of children.

We continue to work with high-performing schools all across the country and deliver consistently outstanding training. Our work with local authorities and councils has meant that we can see the impact of our training throughout England, which makes us very happy as our aim is,

“We want to make a positive impact on maths at every level!”

Though we do regularly deliver training sessions for Maths No Problem, our support for schools and other organisations has always been independent and we offer impartial to all our clients who were seeking Singapore Maths Training in the UK.

So if you are looking for an Independent Singapore Maths Training in the UK, then contact us to book your training.