Our final day of Bar Model consultancy with the production team responsible for BBC Bitesize videos. It didn’t go exactly to plan but we had a great time on set and recorded as many videos as possible using the bar model approach. So what do I mean by, “It didn’t go exactly to plan?”

Well firstly, Mohi Uddin was only meant to observe and be a consultant for the bar model videos but ended up being asked to be the “hands” behind some of the Bar Model questions. It was exciting to be asked but we had to get a lot of the elements right and there were small, tiny things like if the pen smudged the board or if the picture wasn’t dead centre (mainly non-maths stuff!) that made the task last a lot longer for each and every video.

Maths Bar Model Consultancy with BBC

The above bar model video was the one we were really proud of as we had to work hard to complete the video and also it looks exactly like how we want it to look which was a really important part of being the consultants behind the videos. Some of the videos were also made by the BBC producers and hence will look different to the way we encourage schools all over England to draw the bars. We do hope that this doesn’t cause issues with children as teachers and schools all over the UK will be trained in a certain way and the approach on the videos will be slightly different. One of the key messages we give to our schools is to be consistent and that his why we were adamant the process had to be the way we feel it will most enhance a students understand of the topic.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Somethin’ Else production team, so a big thank you to Emily, Guy and Josh.

Bar Model Consultancy with the BBC

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