We’re pleased to announce our work with an award winning production team for work commissioned by BBC for BBC Bitesize. It’s an exciting time for us and our team and we’ve really enjoyed working with the production team that has been chosen by BBC Bitesze to deliver these visually outstanding videos. BBC Bitesize is the BBC’s free online study support resource for school-age students in the United Kingdom. It is designed to aid students in both school work and, for older students, exams.

Over the last few days, we’ve had the opportunity to offer our expertise to the production team so that they can focus on what they are great at – production. The team is producing over 100 video clips in which a good proportion involves the Singapore Maths Bar Model approach. Most of the topics are aimed at students aged 11-14, however, we can definitely see some of the videos being very helpful for 9-11-year-olds too. These are not your usual videos you see out there on YouTube and other places but are super cool and engaging for pupils to be able to digest and review learning and in many ways like a DIY video so students can watch the video and do it by themselves! Maths Consultant Mohi Uddin Ahmed would have loved to have something like these BBC Bitesize videos when he was in school to support him – if you don’t know why then have a read of his interesting story as he battled to understand Maths before enjoying and excelling in Maths.

Our role in the BBC Bitesize videos

Well, we’ve been doing a few things to support the production team. Firstly, our expertise on the Singapore Maths bar model approach has greatly assisted the team to understand the approach, use the approach in their videos and also generate ideas where they can use the bar model approach in the future. We were also invited to executive meetings to share our expertise and guide the team when it comes to other specialist maths videos, where the team may have needed an experienced maths team to give them a clearer idea of what should be mathematically expected in certain videos. We do, however, think the most significant part of our consultancy support is to make sure the Maths is correct in all the videos we were involved in, especially the videos that involved the bar modelling. Along with that, we’ve also had to make sure the production team used the most beneficial nouns to make the videos enticing and engaging for 11-14.

When are the BBC Bitesize Videos out?

We predict it will not be until next term at the very least, so a while to go, but definitely worth waiting for. BBC Bitesize is renowned for supporting hundreds of thousands of children across the world with their engaging videos and the MUA Consultancy team are really pleased and excited to be working with a Bafta Award Winning production team to deliver the next generation of Singapore Maths Bar Model videos for the BBC. Hopefully, we will also have a chance to win awards…well here’s hoping! Watch this space for updates on this project.

“We want to make a positive impact on maths at every level!”