We recently introduced Co-operative Learning training to our list of services and a steady number of schools and organisations have shown interest and booked their sessions!

In our most recent training session on Co-operative learning, many of the delegates were extremely happy with the outcomes from the training and could see how they would use what they had learnt in their classrooms. Which is exactly what we want from all our training sessions!

Do you feel that group work in classrooms can be chaotic? Not efficient enough to monitor and assess progress for all your children? Pupils not behaving well enough during group work sessions, so we avoid planning group work in lessons? Well, that’s where Co-operative Learning can really transform your teaching!

“I introduced it to a Y6 class (at my previous school). They were utterly dysfunctional and had had no effective teaching since Y2! They hated each other. Every day was a battle. With Co-operative Learning we were able to regenerate the class. They became a pleasure to teach and soon began to make rapid progress.”

We’re also really pleased that we have one of the lead figures in Co-operative learning as one of our very own trainers in Jakob who has been leading the field on this for a while and his strategies have given plenty of teahers a LOT of food for thought!

Our recent event in Leicester where we delivered a one day seminar on Co-operative Learning resulted in some utstanding comments from nearly all the delegates who attended the session. You can see below a comment from one of the delegates.

“Your passion & enthusiasm was infectious & inspirational. I enjoyed all of the course today & will take every part of it away with me to better my teaching for years to come. I would be honoured if you could come & share your knowledge & passion with our staff as I believe it to be so worthwhile.”

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