Our EYFS Maths training focusses on the use of Ten Frames to support & develop a strong understanding of numbers from an early age. The training has made a huge difference to many teachers and we are pleased to say that many leadership teams can also see the amazing potential of using ten frames.

“From a leadership perspective, we felt the Ten Frame training could revolutionise the way we teach math within EYFS and KS1”

Ten Frames can be superb when used in teaching pupils in Early Years (EY). One of the main reasons we think very highly of them is because they have a framework which always refers back to 10. Why is this important? Firstly, a strong sense of 10 allows pupils to develop mental strategies to use with calculations with larger numbers, which they will inevitably come across in Year 1 and beyond. Another reason why 10 is so important is because most number systems are base 10 systems. Which means, in England, we need ten 1’s to make 10, ten 10’s to make 100, ten 100’s to make a thousand and on and on and on. This means that if a child can understand and recall 5+3=8 then they will understand and recall 5 tens (50) + 3 tens (30) = 8 tens (80) and same for hundreds and thousands and even 5 million + 3 million = 8 million, in essence, these are all examples of 5+3=8 and with a relational understanding, most pupils will be able to rapidly answer the questions above if they have the foundation 5+3=8.

Our EYFS Maths Training supports teachers in establishing an approach in their school where they can consistently build on their pupils understanding of numbers. As a result, you will see a major difference in the way your pupils fast recall number facts. The video below gives you an idea of where your pupils can be, by using ten frames for a short period of time.

His level of expertise and passion for the potential of how the Ten Frames could be used within schools was evident and left an impact on our staff leaving them excited at the possibilities of how we could use it in our setting. 

What does the training cover?

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The session will:

  • Introduce the concept of using an egg box or the Ten Frame in EYFS and beyond
  • Explore the benefits of using egg boxes as a major tool for understanding number
  • Give delegates various unique and proven strategies to enhance understanding of number in EYFS
  • Allow delegates to understand the meaning of subitising and explore opportunities to subitise in EYFS
  • Hands-on activities that follow the EYFS Framework and allow deeper understanding of numbers

Target Audience:
All EYFS staff, Year 1 and SEN teachers

EYFS Maths Training Feedback

Many EYFS teachers and TA’s complain at the lack of quality EYFS Maths CPD which can have an immediate impact in their schools. This is why we aim to be leading providers of EYFS training so that every single school in England…and beyond can use effective visual approaches to teaching maths right from the beginning of a child’s experience in school.

“Great ideas to go back and start straight away!”

Your whole school will benefit from this approach and in time you will see that very few pupils have issues with recalling number facts.

“As a SENCo and not an EYFS teacher, I can see how some of the issues in maths have developed in schools.”

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“Can’t wait to get started!”