Last month was an eventful month for our maths consultancy. We had lots of new experiences as well as being able to return to many schools we had already visited through our own consultancy and working with other organisations. This post logs some of the highlights from last month, January 2017. We are going to try to update you on what we have been up to every month, half-term or term depending on how much time we have.

So January 2017, what have we been doing?

  • delegates taking part in maths no problem training in cambridgeCambridge. We visit a lot of different places all over England and sometimes in Europe too! For some reason, we’ve never been able to visit Cambridge to deliver our seminars nor had a chance to work with a local school in the area. So we were delighted to be able to deliver our first Seminar in Cambridge, on behalf of Maths No Problem. We had an amazing response from the delegates who were really enthusiastic about the training, thank you Cambridge and we look forward to returning in the near future.
  • Working with the BBC. We had the pleasure of taking a call from a production studio which was commissioned by the BBC. They wanted our assistance in making over 120 short maths videos for 11-14 year old students in England. The key focus for us was to give advice on how best to deliver the videos and make sure the maths was right! These videos will be on the BBC Bitesize website for a long time and therefore need to look great and make sense for them to help thousands of children across England and beyond. We’ve been supporting the production team on the bar model approach in particular as that is one of our expertise and then giving further support by making sure the maths can be seen clearly with other non bar modelling videos too. It’s been hard work but very exciting for us at MUA Consultancy.
  • Leicester. Our work with Leicester council is going tremendously well. We have been supporting the council by delivering a bespoke CPD package for their Year 1 and Year 5 teachers. Over the last term and a half, we’ve experienced so much positivity from our Leicester cohort that we just know they are going to be magnificent in their classrooms. The sessions cover pedagogy, visualisation, Singapore Maths approach to teaching, textbook training – getting the most out of textbooks and workbooks and Maths leadership training. If you are a school in Leicester and would like support for next year then contact the SDSA for more information and to register for updates.
  • Maths Hub Secondary session. We had our first Secondary training session of the year – in January! Most of our work tends to be with primary education providers and so to have a Secondary training session so early is great as we hope that it sets a trend where more secondary schools think deeper about Maths teaching. The focus for this session was KS3 algebra (which also goes into KS4) and how we can teach algebra in a more visual way. MUA Consultancy hopes to develop a closer relationship with secondary schools by creating resources which will support teaching bar models to students in KS2, KS3 and KS4.
  • Lesson Observations. We were asked to enter some classrooms to observe and feedback on Maths lessons. We really enjoyed observing some amazing teachers who are focussed and committed to the Singapore Maths approach. One of the feedback we consistently receive is that the children absolutely love the Singapore Maths approach. This was clearly evident in the lessons we observed this month and it was ever so pleasing to see teachers and children making great progress. Most of the schools are making their first steps in the Singapore Maths approach and that can seem daunting to many teachers and leaders. With the right training package to support your staff and give them confidence, you will see amazing changes!

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