Whenever a school or local education authority makes large changes it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to make the same mistakes as their counterparts. In fact, many good schools and organisations plan their implementation of new strategies in such a way that the changes cause minimal fuss and therefore allows the school community to smoothly make the transition.

Many of the organisations we work with require support before and during phasing in a new pedagogy, which may be very alien to some of their teaching staff. Our consultancy services focus on Introduction of new approaches, including introducing Singapore maths into your school as well as lesson observation and feedback. We also support to Local Education Authorities who are thinking of strategic partnerships to support schools moving to Singapore Maths as well as large number of schools who need support in other areas such as NQT support or specific pedagogy or subject knowledge support.

“We all wanted to say how pleased everyone is around the work so far, your training has received excellent comments throughout and very much looking forward to the next steps – thank you.”

– Julia Smith on behalf SDSA and speaking on behalf of 12 Schools in Leicester.

Effective Maths CPD (including Singapore Maths Training)

We have a wide range of training services from one-off training for your specific school needs to a whole module of training for groups of teachers. We’ve supported many schools and thousands of teachers and have a list of services which we have seen become very popular.

Our core training service is based on the most effective teaching of Mathematics concepts. We base our training on strong research from around the world and proven methods that have been effective for decades yet many teachers in the UK have never come across such methods.

These are our popular training sessions:

Singapore Maths Training

“Thanks again for the great training session. Everyone was very impressed and very enthusiastic about Singapore Maths!”

Visualisation in Maths

“The maths training was very hands on – we were able to have a go ourselves rather than just sit and listen and be told what to do. This gave a better idea of how we would teach it to the class and how important the resources are.”

EYFS Ten-Frames

“I was very impressed by the trainers knowledge of EYFS.”

Problem Solving

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I learnt a lot! I will be implementing the ‘Bar Model Method’ with my class and hopefully across the school.”

Maths Mastery

“I think this Singapore Maths training on mastery will have real impact. It has built teacher confidence by validating those aspects they had already begun implementing and has put these into context of the bigger picture. Critically it has provided an introduction to the pedagogy that underlies the mastery approach giving us a sound and shared basis to build on.”

Secondary Maths Training

“…I was able to pick up new techniques in teaching some tricky problem solving questions in a dynamic way that wouldn’t normally come to mind.  I would highly recommend the session as it is something that will enable you to enrich your lessons in a realistic yet simple way.”

Bespoke Training Packages

Though we have our own popular training sessions which we are regularly asked to deliver, we do realise that every organisation is different and therefore each organisation will have different strengths and weaknesses and therefore we appreciate you will have varying needs.  Many of our schools have asked for a combination of the key ideas and training that we already have in place, so if you feel your school is in a unique situation or you would like a tailored training package then get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

“The Maths training was tailored to my school’s needs and there was a good balance of theory and practical activities. Staff left the training feeling motivated and up-skilled.”

– Petra Collins, Deputy Headteacher of Manor Primary School

Co-operative Learning Package

MUA Consultancy is pleased to add Cooperative Learning as part of the training packages we offer our clients. Cooperative Learning is the most cost-effective CPD investment available to schools today because it organises outstanding teaching into discrete, manageable packages.

These packages, called Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns (or CLIPs), define in a practical way how learners interact with materials and each other to achieve your various objectives, giving full control of the learning process.

Notwithstanding their instant & high impact, CLIPs are simple but powerful startegies to deploy in classrooms so that there is focused collaborative work which gives teachers and learners of all ages and levels a sense of freedom and empowerment.

No need to buy new materials: The CLIPs use your existing resources in more powerful ways, across all key stages and all subjects. Nor throw the baby out, nor the bathwater: Cooperative Learning invigorates any existing good practice and supports your current approaches, from Growth Mindset to Attainment for All.

Added considerations include the Sutton Trust’s rating Cooperative Learning as one of the best investments of Pupil Premium and the positive relationship between Cooperative Learning and the latest Ofsted framework.

“I introduced it to a Y6 class (at my previous school). They were utterly dysfunctional and had had no effective teaching since Y2! They hated each other. Every day was a battle. With CL we were able to regenerate the class. They became a pleasure to teach and soon began to make rapid progress.”

– Alex Bowles, Headteacher of Great Hockham Primary School & Nursery