We’ve been working with one of the NCTEM Maths Hubs (North and East London). Watch Samira, the Assistant Head Teacher at Elmhurst Primary School and the lead person for the Maths Hub talk about our work with them.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many different companies and schools. Here are some of the things they say about us and our CPD sessions…

It was particularly good to have training geared towards early years. The trainer was very good at presenting the information.

I really enjoyed the session and am keen to apply the different ideas.

Charlotte Witzenfeld, St Johns Green Colchester

The way the trainer constantly modelled the kind of dialogue he would have with children and the kind of questioning he would use (was what I liked).

Clear, Fun and approachable trainer

I was very impressed by the trainers knowledge of EYFS.

Amanda Williams, Barons Court

An awful lot was covered giving us a very good grounding in the underlying principles of the Singapore maths model. Inspirational in terms of practical ideas, modelled questioning and use of resources.

I liked the trainer, he was really really enthusiastic, can tell he loves doing what he does!

Krishna Lawrence, Riverhead Infants / TA

I was very interested in how we could implement Mastery into the Foundation Stage. I also enjoyed the bar modelling. We have just begun introducing it to the children.

Conor Costigan, Riverhead Infants

The Inset on Singapore mathematics and Mental maths strategies was very engaging and informative. A variety of strategies shown throughout the session gave me an insight on how to implement Singapore maths. I also learnt different methods  on how to challenge children in order to enhance their mathematical knowledge and understanding. I would highly recommend this session as this is something that will enable you to enhance your lessons.

Class Teacher, Independent Primary School

The practical elements of the course and the history behind Singapore maths was what I liked about the training session.

Ali Pemberton, PGCE Lecturer at Birmingham City University

I think this training will have real impact. It has built teacher confidence by validating those aspects they had already begun implementing and has put these into context of the bigger picture. Critically it has provided an introduction to the pedagogy that underlies the mastery approach giving us a sound and shared basis to build on.

Helen Bligh, Riverhead Infants

We all wanted to say how pleased everyone is around the work so far, your training has received excellent comments throughout and very much looking forward to the next steps – thank you.

Very hands on – able to have a go ourselves rather than just sit and listen and be told what to do. This gave a better idea of how we would teach it to the class and how important the resources are.

The training was tailored to my school’s needs and there was a good balance of theory and practical. Staff left the training feeling motivated and up-skilled.

Petra Collins, Deputy Headteacher for Manor Primary School

What I liked about the training was the practical strategies for teaching mathematical concepts.

David Smith, PGCE Lecturer at Birmingham City University

The knowledge and approach of the trainer, the materials used. trainer being able to link with the latest changes in the curriculum, trainers experience in schools really helped.

Sakhawat Ali , Headteacher for Wisdom Academy

Thanks again for the great training session. Everyone was very impressed and very enthusiastic about Singapore Maths!

Chris Lewis, Maths Coordinator for Streatham Wells Primary School

The Inset at presented by Mr Mohi Uddin Ahmed was a very interesting and informative session on Singapore Maths. It was well structured and highly informative and extremely useful for the implementation of the coming changes in the mathematics curriculum in 2014

Class Teacher, Independent school in the London Borough of Redbridge

Thank you so much for a wonderful session…

Dr Anne Banford, Director of Education for The Education Commission

I would rate the training and trainer both as excellent. I strongly recommend the Singapore Maths Training as it was not only easy to understand but something I am definitely going to use with my children.

Headteacher, School in the Surrey

Mohi Uddin was excellent! The training was clear and concise with a good balance of activity and information. It enabled the staff at my school to gain a good basic knowledge of the Singapore Maths Curriculum and style of teaching. It was received very positively, in particular the introduction to bar modelling.

Assistant Headteacher, Outstanding school in the London Borough of Newham

The CPD training was very informative and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I learnt a lot! I will be implementing the ‘Bar Method’ with my class and hopefully across the school. Thank you Mohi Uddin Ahmed.

Mathematics , co-ordinator of a VA Primary School in the London Borough of Brent

Overall, I would judge the whole day CPD session to be excellent. From the content, delivery to the level of benefit this will have for our school.

Numeracy Co-ordinator, Independent Primary school in the London Borough of Redbridge

The CPD session on Singapore Mathematics was informative,  practical and engaging.  I was able to benefit greatly from just one session, having been exposed to a sample of robust strategies for teaching and learning mathematics using Singapore Mathematics. Even as a highly academic mathematician I was able to pick up new techniques in teaching some tricky problem solving questions in a dynamic way that wouldn’t normally come to mind.  I would highly recommend the session as it is something that will enable you to enrich your lessons in a realistic yet simple way.

Head of Mathematics, Brondesbury College

The INSET gave me a very good insight into the methods used by Singapore Maths to help improve the learning and understanding of Mathematics. The workshop was very hands on, and it has given me some ideas which I can implement within my practice.

Head of Mathematics, Independent Secondary school in the London Borough of Hackney